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The Lords of Watford

Eustace de Ardennes (1140-1199) was born in Watford, Northamptonshire (near modern day Watford Gap services) to Alexander de Ardennes and his wife Agnes who died giving birth to him. As Lord of Watford he granted Watford church to the Abbey of St James in Northampton.

He had one known son, also Eustace who was born in 1165. His son was in possession of his fathers estate in 1199 when he in pleaded William FitzAdam his tenant. He is recorded as paying scutage for one knight's fee in Northamptonshire. He was previously recorded in the second and third scutage of Richard I.

Eustace II married Hawysia of Watford in 1182. They had three sons- Eustace, John (my direct line) and Edmund. Eustace II died at Arden Hall, Warwickshire in 1213. By writ of 7 November 1213, the Sheriff of Northamptonshire set out the dower to Hawysia in Watford and Silsworth, the Earl of Chester being security for her not remarrying without license.

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