Sunday 29 October 2017

Robert Brerewood

Robert Brerewood was my 12x great grandfather, born in the mid 1500s, and dying on 29 May 1600. He was three times Mayor of the City of Chester, and was a wet glover by trade.

Son of Robert Brerewood (a Sheriff of Chester and a glover) and his wife Lucy, Robert Jr married twice. His first wife, Elizabeth Horton (died 1580) was my 12 x great grandmother whose eldest son with Robert was my direct line John Brerewood (1560-1599), another Sheriff of Chester. Their other children were Edward Brerewood (1565-1613), a famous scholar, and antiquary, mathematician and logican; Elizabeth Brerewood (died 1579); and Alice Brerewood (1571-1604).

Robert was buried in Troutbeck Chapel within St Mary-on-the-Hill Church, Chester on 2 June 1600.

JP Earwaker, in his book on the church, added that "At the upper end of the Chappell lye the the body of the late famous Citizen Robert Brerewood Alderman and thrice Mayor of this City, of whom I find no other Monument there, save only his coat, crest and streamer advanced over him, the words thereof are 'Labour prudentra equitale ' which were well fitted to him in whom those virtues were all eminent".

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