Friday 3 November 2017

George Edward Hindley and John Henry Hindley war medals

The war medals of George Edward Hindley and John Henry Hindley were sold at auction by Lawrence's auction house on 3 November 2011 for £110 and £85 respectively. These brothers were my great great uncles. The lots included a photo of them.

I would love to either see this photo or if possible bring the medals back into the family. A long shot but if anyone knows who bought them can they get in touch please by the contact form at the bottom of this page? The catalogue entries are shown. Thank you.

UPDATE August 2018: I have contacted the auction house and they have no records going back that far. On the centenary of my 2x great uncle George’s death, if you know anything of the whereabouts of these lots please let me know. Tel 07496357976

UPDATE November 2018 I have made contact with George’s niece and although I have no information on the medals, I now have a photo of George, on the link shown at the top of this article.

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