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The Jenvey graves at St John’s, Boldre, Hampshire

Earlier this year I visited the New Forest. Just outside the village of Boldre, near Lymington, at the top of the hill is one of England’s oldest churches - St John’s Boldre. It is surrounded by one of the country’s most beautiful graveyards. The church itself is close to 1000 years old. 

From me, the Jenvey line originates via my dad's dad, George Ernest Heywood. His mother was Ellen Eliza Hindley, and her mother Rhoda Eugenie Stephens. Her mother was Ann Jenvey Lockyer, who married John Stephens at Boldre Church in 1855. Ann and John relocated to Liverpool in the 1870s. Ann's mother was Sophia Jenvey, part of a long list of Jenveys from Boldre that I can trace back to the 1500s. 

These are just a few of the many Jenvey graves in the Churchyard..

Three graves lie next to each other in Boldre Churchyard:

"In affectionate remembrance of Charles Ainsworth Jenvey who died at Vicar's Hill on 24th Jan 1867 aged 14 years."

"In memory of Jane Ainsworth (of Piley) who died the 26th of July 1869 aged 72 years. Into my hands O Lord I commit my soul which is thy due because thou hast redeemed it O Lord my God most true."

"IHS In affectionate remembrance of John Jenvey who died July 16th 1902 aged 79. Also of Celia his wife who died Nov 4th 1886 aged 60. Father in thy gracious keeping Leave we now thy servant sleeping."


Two more graves lie next to each other in Boldre Churchyard. One is for Jessie Jenvey Junior and another for Jessie Jenvey Senior (my 6x great uncle) and Henry Jenvey (my 1st cousin 6 x removed).

The graves read:

"In memory of Jessie Jenvey Junr died June 29th 1867 aged 27 years"

"In memory of Jessie Jenvey Senr died August 28th 1865 aged 71 years. Also of Henry Jenvey died April 6th 1863 aged 33 years."


Mary Ann Jenvey (born Waldron) was my 6x great aunt and is buried in Plot 329 of Boldre Churchyard in the New Forest.

The stone reads "In affectionate memory of Mary Ann the wife of Jesse Jenvey who died April 15th 1881 aged 85 years."

Next to Mary Anne’s grave in Boldre Churchyard is a simple cross with "1901 Queenie Jenvey"

I have included this grave because of the surname but have yet to link her to the family.

Another family grave from Boldre. This one is hard to read but says:
"In memory of George the son of James and Mary Jenvey who died September [??] 1770 [or 1776?] aged [3?] years"

He was my 1st cousin 7 times removed.

Another grave in the Churchyard is that of Edward Richman, husband of Sarah Jenvey. It reads:
"In memory of Edward the beloved husband of Sarah Richman who died 1st Jan 1839 aged 54 years. Esteemed, beloved and lamented"

Edward and Ann Jenvey lived in Boldre in the mid 1800s. Plot 111 of Boldre Churchyard contains two of their children. It reads:
"In memory of Charles Walter son of Edward and Ann Jenvey who died Oct 5 1856 aged 6 years. Also Eleanor daughter of the above who died Dec 23 1850 aged 15 years".

The neighbouring gravestone refers to an Edmund Jenvey, my 1st cousin 6 times removed. He was born circa 1819 to Jesse Jenvey (1795-1865) and Mary Ann Waldron (1796-1881). 

Edmund is buried in plot 110 with his wife Ann. The gravestone reads:
"IHS. In memory of Edmund Jenvey who departed this life January 11th 1879 aged 59 years. Also Ann his wife who died Dec 4 1906 aged 84 years."

Although not proven, the Edward and Ann mentioned in grave 111 may be the Edmund and Ann buried in grave 110.


Peter Jenvey and his wife Patience were my 8x great grandparents. They are buried in Boldre Churchyard, in the New Forest, plot number 19. Peter was the son of William Jenvey (1645-1722). Their gravestone reads:

"In memory of Patience ye wife of Peter Jenvey who died November 30th 1730 aged 34. And also her husband died March 1st 1756 aged 71 years and 6 of their children. Life is uncertain, death is sure. Sin gives ye wound & Christ ye cure."

Their children were:
Patience Jenvey (1714-1719)
Mary Jenvey (1717- )
Sarah Jenvey (1718-1643, who married William Russell)
Peter Jenvey (my 7x great grandfather 1720-1757 who married Mary Mansbridge)
Patience Jenvey (1722-1742)
Thomas Jenvey (1724-1724)
Ann Jenvey (1726-1726)
William Jenvey (1727-1744)
Ann Jenvey (1730-1733)

Sarah and Thomas Jenvey lived in Boldre in the New Forest in the latter half of the 1700s. Plot 17 of Boldre Churchyard is the grave of at least three of their children. The gravestone reads:
"In memory of Sarah the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Jenvey who died April 2nd 1770 aged 2 years. Richard Johnson their son died January 20th 1785 aged 9 months, and Thomas their son died September 30th 1793 aged 17 years. Death like an ere flowing stream sweeps us away out life's a dream. The empty tide at morning flows Cut down and withered in an hour."

My 7x great uncle was George Jenvey. He was born in 1757 to Peter Jenvey (1720-1757) and Mary Mansbridge (1720- ), the youngest of their six children. He died aged ten years on August 10th 1766, and was buried in Boldre Churchyard, plot 18. His grave reads:
"In memory of George Jenvey who departed this life August the 10th 1766 aged 10 years. Mourn not for me my parents dear, nor weep for me in youth, Think on the joy that we shall have when we do meet again."

George Jenvey’s brother was Peter (1746-1826). Peter's first wife was Joyce Clarke. She was born in 1738 and died 18 February 1772 aged 33 years old. She is buried in Boldre churchyard plot 15. The gravestone states:
"In memory of Joyce wife of Peter Jenvey who died Feby 18th 1772 aged 33 years."

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