Tuesday 17 October 2017

Len Saunders

See also : Len Banana Day 

To everyone who helped or took part in Len Banana Day on 7 December in any way, thank you.

My 1st cousin once removed, Len Saunders, who died this summer, has been shortlisted for a Pride of St Helens Award. Well deserved. ❤️
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Update 10 November 2010: Len was Highly Commended at the awards this evening.

Unbroken Men by Len “Banana” Saunders
Thirty pieces of silver
Thirty horses charge
On high grey hill
As from Whitechapel ramparts
Uncrowned victors plot ruin
Want to pick the bones
Of a strike.
Broken and smashed
By hammers forged
In the blood of power, corruptions
Family torn asunder to time
Stormed as fallen trees
Never stand against the maelstrom
‘No such thing as society’
Division, hunger, pain, pride
Surrended to the rattle call
Of soup kitchens comfort
As comfort rives, in a last death thro
Voices that once spoke as one
Are lost to the victors will
As defeat is played out
To the marching step of the collier
As still Judas coat hangs heavy
On those who could not share the cost
‘Government or mob rule.’
The coal miner, the coal hole cavalry ride on!
Against the ebb of an economic social tide
A new generation knows they walk tall
That their courage and pride do not make them fall
Orgreave, will reflect a truth of unbroken men.

This, and other poems written by Len is available in his book, "Awake, Asleep, A Dream" available from Wardleworths bookshop, St Helens

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