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Margery Bannister 1816-1852

Margaret ‘Margery' Bannister  1816 - 1852
3 x great grandmother

Margery was born of unknown parentage in 1816, probably in the Wigan area of Lancashire. 
On 30 June 1835, she married James Heywood (spelt Haywood in some documents, 1815 – 1889), a shoemaker from Ormskirk, Lancashire. They had two ceremonies that day, one at St John’s Roman Catholic Church in Wigan, followed by another at All Saints Church of England Church, also in Wigan.
James and Margery had the following children:
§  Jane Heywood (1838 -    ), born in Aughton, Lancashire
§  James Heywood (1840 -     ), born in Wigan
§  John Heywood (1841 – 1897), born in Wigan
§  Isaac Heywood (1844 – 1897), a Clogger born in Aughton
§  William Heywood (1845 – 1915) a Clogger born in Ormskirk.
In the 1841 Census, Margery is recorded as living in an Institution at Great George Street, Wigan, aged 25 with her husband James, and children Jane, James and 2 month old John.
By the 1851 Census, she was living at Scarth Hill Lane, Aughton, the wife of a shoemaker, aged 35, with her husband James (36), and children Jane (13), James (11), John (9), Isaac (7) and William (6).

Margery died at some point between July and September 1852, in Ormskirk. James her husband remarried, to Mary Jones (1816 -    ), a shopkeeper from Kendal in Cumberland. James died in 1889.

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