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Agnes de Arden, her son Alexander and grandson Eustace

Agnes de Arden  1080 - 1130
28 x great grandmother

Born in Watford, Northamptonshire (near the modern day Watford Gap Services on the M1 motorway) in 1080 to unknown parentage, Agnes married Rafe de Arderne (1057 -    ) of  Warwickshire at Watford in 1113. 

Two years later her first son, Alexander de Arderne (1115 – 1165) was born. A second son, Eustace De Arderne, was born in 1115. Agnes died in 1130 in Watford.

Alexander de Arderne 1115 – 1165
27 x great grandfather

Born in Watford, Northamptonshire to Rafe de Arderne (1057 -     ) and his wife Agnes De Arden (1080 – 1130), he was their first born son.
He married another Agnes de Arden (1120 – 1140), but she died in childbirth aged 20 with their only child Eustace de Arderne (1140 – 1199). 
Alexander died at Watford, aged 50, in 1165.

Eustace de Arderne 1140 - 1199
26 x great grandfather

Born in Watford, Northamptonshire to Alexander de Arderne (1115 – 1165) and his wife Agnes de Arden (1120 – 1140), his mother died giving birth to him. He was their only child.
Eustace was the first of four successive Lords of Watford bearing the name Eustace.
He is the Eustachius de Ardernewho granted Watford church to the Abbey of St James in Northampton.
It is not known who Eustace married, but he had a son, Eustace II de Arderne (c1165 – 1213).

Eustace I died aged 59 in 1199.

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