Friday 6 July 2018

Walter "Wally" George Heywood 1935 - 2018

My dad's eldest brother, Walter George Heywood, passed away this week in Auckland, New Zealand.

My thoughts are with my Dad, and also with Wally's wife, his two daughters, his grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

His funeral will be held on Thursday 12th July at 12:30pm (NZ time) at the Manukau Memorial Gardens, Auckland. It will be streamed live to family and friends in the UK at 1.30am. Contact family for the link.

Wally was born to Fanny Williams and my grandfather George Heywood in Liverpool on 3 May 1935.

He married his wife, Rona on 10 March 1962, a marriage that lasted until his death 56 years later.

After the birth of their two daughters, they emigrated to Auckland, where he spent the majority of the second half of his life. It was here, after a long illness, he passed away peacefully with his family at his side. He was 83 years old.

Living half way around the world I only have limited memories of Wally. I remember him and Rona coming over in the mid 1980s a year or so before my dad went to NZ - if not mistaken he ran the Mersey Marathon. I remember a huge family get together at the time at my aunt’s house. 

The last time I saw Wally was eight years ago at my great uncle’s (George Taylor) funeral. 

From what I recall of him he was a fun happy man who enjoyed life to the full. I know he helped my dad a lot when he first emigrated.

Rest in peace Wally. x

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