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William and Robert de Ferrers, Earls of Derby

William and Robert De Ferrers, 5th and 6th Earls of Derby were my 24x and 23x great grandfathers.

Sir William De Ferrers was born in 1193 in Derbyshire to William De Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby and Agnes of Chester, daughter of Hugh De Kevelioc, 5th Earl of Chester. William succeeded his father in 1247 as 5th Earl of Derby gaining Chartley Castle (pictured) and other lands from his mother's inheritance. Having accompanied King Henry III to France in 1230, Henry granted him many favours, including the right of free warren in many Derbyshire settlements.

William first married Sibyl Marshal, daughter and co-heir of William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke, and Marshal of England. They had seven daughters and no sons. After Sibyl's death, William married Margaret De Quincy, Countess of Lincoln, the daughter of Roger De Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester and Helen of Galloway. William's youngest daughter by Sibyl, Eleanor, married Margaret's father in 1252, so Margaret was both step mother and step daughter to Eleanor. William and Margaret had five children, the eldest being Robert, who became 6th Earl.

Like his father, William suffered from gout, and always travelled in a litter. He was accidentally thrown from the litter into water while crossing a bridge at St Neots, Huntingdonshire. While this did not immediately kill him, he died from infection a few months later on 28 March 1254 in Leicestershire.

Robert De Ferrers then became 6th Earl of Derby. He was born in Tutbury Castle in 1239. In 1249, aged 10, he was married to seven year old Marie De Lusigan, the daughter of Hugh XI Count of La Marcus, a half brother of King Henry III. Marie died in 1266 and they had no issue.

Robert inherited his father's lands and became a knight aged 15. His lands covered large areas of Lancashire (between the Ribble and Mersey), Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and Nottinghamshire.

In 1269 Robert married Eleanor De Bohun. They had two children, John 1st Baron Ferrers of Chumley (my direct line), and Eleanor De Ferrers.

In 1263, Robert took sides with Simon De Montford against the king in the Second Barons War, which ended with him gaining several royal castles and Peveril Castle. Simon was not happy with these gains and accused Robert of "diverse trespasses", and sent him to the Tower of London. After the Battle of Evesham, he was released upon payment of 1500 marks, pardoned and his inheritance returned. In 1266 he battled the royals again, was defeated at Chesterfield and held prisoner at Windsor Castle until 1269.

Robert died on 27 April 1279, and was buried at St Thomas' Priory, Stafford.

Lineage: George Ernest Heywood.. Ellen Eliza Hindley..Richard Henry Hindley..Harriet Glenton..Henry Glenton..Betty Becca Kelsall..James Kelsall..Richard Kelsall Mayor of Liverpool..Christian Brerewood..John Brerewood..Anne Mainwaring..Sir Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover..Randall Mainwaring of Over Peover..Phillip Mainwaring of Over Peover..Katherine Honford..Margaret Savage..Katherine de Stanley..Thomas De Stanley 1st Lord of Stanley..Sir John Stanley, titular King of Mann.. Isabel Lathom.. Sir Thomas Lathom..Eleanor De Ferrers.. John, 1st Baron Ferrers of Chumley.. Robert De Ferrers 6th Earl of Derby... Sir William Ferrers 5th Earl of Derby

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