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Matthew Glenton of Boroughbridge

Born in Boroughbridge in Yorkshire at some point in the mid 1700s, Matthew Glenton married Mary Wilson at Aldborough, Boroughbridge on 19 August 1762.He was a coal proprietor, with coalfields near Harrogate and Boroughbridge, and possible elsewhere (Bradford).

Matthew and Mary had at least five surviving children: Jonas Wilson Glenton (1763 1844) Mary Glenton (1776 - ), who married George Sykes Margaret Glenton (1769 - ) Harriet Glenton (1772 1808) Matthew Glenton (1777 - )

Matthew died, in Boroughbridge, in 1808. In his will, he left 2 guineas to the church in Boroughbridge, to be converted to coal and given to the poor of the parish at Christmas. He gave his wife all his plate china, household goods and furniture, all his personal effects and profits from his real estate in Boroughbridge, so long as she kept it in good repair. To his son, Matthew, he gave an annual sum of £100, and to Mary his daughter an annual sum of £50, paid in two six monthly increments on 25 December and 24 June. After is wife’s death, his personal estate passed to Matthew, and £1500 was split equally among his four surviving children, with £2000 to be shared equally among their children. His estate in Bradford was passed to his son Jonas Wilson Glenton,. His daughter Mary’s children each received £1500 upon reaching 21, with the other three sharing another £1500.

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