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Randle Mainwaring

Randall (Randle) Mainwaring (Sir Randle Honkyn Randolfus Mainwaring Randall - various sources list his name as this or similar) of Over Peover, county Chester, heir to his elder brother John (died 1410). He was born no later than 1363, and died 1456-57 [35 Hen. VI] according to Ormerod.

Randle Mainwaring and his wife Margery Venables

He petitioned the king for enjoying the dower of Margery his wife, because he had married her without the kingʼs licence....

This Randle was also a courtier, stiled armiger regis, the kingʼs servant, et sagittarius de coronâ [royal archer], 21 Rich. II [1397-98]. He had the office of equitator forestæ de Marâ et Mondrum granted unto him for his life, 6 Hen. IV [1404-05] and two parts of the serjeanty of Maxfield Hundred, which were Raufe Davenportʼs, till John Davenport came to age; dated 3 Hen. V [1401-02]. And he had also (with others) the custody of the manor of Kerincham in Cheshire, 13 Hen. IV [1411-12]. This Randle Manwaring of Over-Pever [sic], stiled commonly Honkyn Manwaring in the language of those times, died 35 Hen. VI.... [He was] buried at Over-Pever, in the stone chappel on the south side of the church

Randle Mainwaring, son of William Mainwaring and Elizabeth Leycester, was the heir to his brother John, as John had been the heir to their older brother William, who was the heir to their father. Randle married Margery, who was the widow of Richard Buckley of Chedill in Cheshire, and the daughter of Hugh Venables, Baron of Kinderton. Randle and Margery had been married without the king's licence, and petitioned the king to allow them to enjoy her dower in Richard II. Randle died in 1456, Henry VI, and was buried in the stone chapel on the south side of the church which his wife Margery had build. There are two monuments inside she had made for herself and her husband.
Randle was a courtier, styled armiger regis, the king's servant, et sagittarius de coronâ, and he went to Ireland along with his brother John in the King's service on Richard II. He was given the office of equitator forestæ et Mondrum granted to him for his life on Henry IV, and two parts of the serjeanty of Maxfield (Macclesfield) Hundred, which Had belonged to Raufe Davenport, until John Davenport came to age. He had, along with others, the custody of the manor of Derincham in Cheshire, Henry VI.

Children of Randle and Margery were:
• John Mainwaring, eldest son
• William Mainwaring, second son, from whom the Manwarings of Ightfield in Shropshire descend.
• Randle (or Ralph) Mainwaring, third son, from whom the Mainwarings of Carincham descend, married to Margaret, daughter of Sir John Savage of Clifton.
• Elizabeth Mainwaring, who married Raufe Egerton of Wyne-hill in Staffordshire
• Cicecly Mainwaring, married Thomas Fowleshurst of Crew in Cheshire
• Joan Mainwaring, married John Davenport, son and heir of Raufe Davenport, of Davenport in Cheshire, in 1411.
• Ellen Mainwaring married Thomas Fitton of Goweworth in cheshire
• Agnes Mainwaring, was to marry William Bromely, but died before they coudl marry
• Margaret Mainwaring, married William, who was to marry her sister. William Bromley was of Badington in chehsire and was the son of Sir John Bromely. Margaret was a widow in 1436, and later married John Nedham of Crannach, "justiciarius de branco, and judge of Cheshire.
Randle also had two illegitamate sons:
• Hugh Mainwaring, whose mother was Emme Farrington. He married Margaret, sister and eventually heir of Ralph Croxton, of Croxton, and from Hugh the Mainwarings of Croxton nigh Middlewich descend.
• Thomas Mainwaring of North-Rode

There was also one other son and three daughters not named by Ormerod. County Families of Lancashire and Cheshire give this unnamed son as Randle.

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