Tuesday 7 November 2017

Captain Thomas Gamul

Captain Thomas Gamul was my 9 x great uncle.

He was born on 22 April 1627 to Sir Francis Gamul and his wife Christian (born Grosvenor), and was baptised four days later.

He was a Royalist army captain in the English Civil War, and was killed, aged 17 at the Battle of Tipton Green on 12 June 1644.

Image source: Tipton Civic Society

He was buried in St Katherine's Vault in St Mary's-on-the-Hill Church, Chester.
Lineage from me: me .. dad .. George Ernest Heywood .. Ellen Eliza Hindley .. Richard Henry Hindley .. Harriet Glenton .. Henry Glenton .. Betty Becca Kelsall .. James Kelsall .. Richard Kelsall (Alderman of Liverpool) .. Christian Brerewood .. Sidney Gamul (whose brother was Thomas Gamul)

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